7 Haunted Hikes in Colorado

Photo Credit: Matt Wiebe.

If stories of mysterious disappearances and unexplained paranormal activity sound like your kind of fun, these seven haunted hikes in Colorado will not disappoint. From distant whispers to full-fledged ghost stories, these Colorado trails provide adventurers with enough adrenaline to satisfy any thrill-seeker. Strap on your boots and fill up your bottles…if you dare.

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1. Helen Hunt Falls Trail

Helen Hunt Falls. Photo Credit: Beverlytaz - OutThere Colorado.

Don’t let the short 0.1-mile trek in Colorado Springs deter you; this deceptively scenic hike is named after activist Helen Hunt who was buried in Colorado Springs, and its dangerous surrounding area has claimed more than a few lives. Hikers report hearing strange voices in the surrounding area at night.

2. Black Forest

Black Forest - Colorado Springs Colorado - Ken Lund - OutThere Colorado

Black Forest, Colorado, located northeast of Colorado Springs, is home to one of the most paranormal houses in recorded history. In addition to the documented ghost sightings and paranormal events, Black Forest was almost completely destroyed in one of the most destructive recorded Colorado fires.

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3. Fort Morgan Nature Trail

Located just over an hour northeast of Denver, Fort Morgan remains haunted by the ghost of the River Witch, a woman who killed herself in the area after becoming an outcast in society. Hikers of the city’s nature trails report sightings of the deceased witch.

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  • 4. Great Sand Dunes National Park

    Kit Carson over Sand Dunes NPS Patrick Myers OutThere Colorado

    UFO sightings and unexplained cow mutilations are recorded around this popular park. Head 2.5 hours southwest of Pueblo to spot these paranormal phenomena for yourself.

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    5. Poncha Pass

    The ghost of a gold-miner who died from the fumes of an old mine is said to roam the trails, haunting visitors who pass. The miner isn’t the only paranormal guest, a fight over gold gone south during the Civil War left the bodies of a few soldiers to haunt the area as well.

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    6. Horsethief Canyon

    True to its name, Horse Thief Canyon was a known corridor for horse smugglers. During one of their stints, a woman in white was trampled to death by a smuggler. Her ghost has been spotted in the canyon, wandering the trails alone.

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    7. Haunted Tunnels of Gold Camp Road

    Third Gold Camp Tunnel - markbyzewski - OutThere Colorado

    Gold Camp Road is a beautiful drive through North Cheyenne Cañon near Colorado Springs. But the sealed off tunnels along the route are said to be home to the spirits of children who were trapped in the third tunnel when it collapsed on their school bus. Visitors report hearing laughter and finding tiny hand prints on their fogged windows.

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