Some people believe in ghosts, some people don’t. However, if you’re someone that enjoys hunting down the spooky and paranormal places around the world, Colorado is home to some of the creepiest. Several places around the Centennial State are sure to send shivers down your spine.

If you’re from the Colorado Springs area, there’s a good chance that you’re well aware of the tunnels on Gold Camp Road, a spectacular drive that carves it’s way through North Cheyenne Cañon. There are 3 tunnels in total, one of which is sealed off by huge gates and located past where cars can easily drive.Various stories surround what makes these tunnels haunted, but the story behind what’s haunting the third tunnel is the most jarring.

Third Gold Camp Tunnel - markbyzewski - OutThere Colorado
Gates block the 3rd tunnel on Gold Camp Road. Photo Credit: markbyzewski (FlickR)

Years ago, this tunnel is said to have collapsed when a school bus collided with it, killing the driver and all of the children aboard. No one is really sure what happened, but at some point, the driver lost control of the vehicle, slamming into part of the rock. What happened afterwards is also unconfirmed. We know the tunnel collapsed, but whether the falling rock crushed the bus instantly or simply trapped it inside remains unclear.

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Nowadays, hikers report hearing laughter in the area and cars able to get close enough have found tiny handprints in window fog. People feel tugging on their clothes and have reported finding scratches on their skin with no recollection of abrasive impact during their hike. This may all be coincidence, but perhaps it’s not.

The first two tunnels don’t have a similar well-known disaster surrounding them, but they have spawned their own list of mysterious happenings throughout the years, from freak accidents to peculiar happenings.

One of the most famous ways to test for ghouls in the area is by parking one’s car in neutral in the second tunnel at night. It’s reported that the brave people willing to test this will feel pushing against their car, sometimes enough to slowly move their vehicle uphill in the tunnel, against the laws of gravity. Many have also reported seeing handprints in the dust covering their trunk and some have even mentioned seeing the figure of a man walking to the back of their car to give it a shove.

With apparitions, horror stories, and creepy happenings along with many reports of robed figures with torches exploring the road under the cover of night, the Gold Camp Tunnels are undoubtedly one of the most haunted places in Colorado. If you’re feeling bold, head up to the second tunnel and test out these rumors for yourself.


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