Located on top of a large pinnacle of Pikes Peak granite in Douglas County, Devil’s Head Lookout was originally built to spot fires forming in the surrounding area. Today, it’s easily accessible by Devil’s Head National Recreational Trail, a 2.7 mile trail round trip hike with 950 feet of elevation gain.

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Devils Head - Ben Mason - OutThere Colorado
Devil’s Head Lookout Tower. Photo Credit: Ben Mason.

At an elevation of 9,748 feet, the Devil’s Head Lookout tower sits at the highest point of Rampart Range and is the last lookout of its type still standing in the Front Range.

The first lookout structure on the summit of Devil’s Head was built in 1919. This was torn down and replaced by the current lookout in 1951.

The last leg of the hike consists of a climb up 143 stairs to the lookout structure. Visitors that make it to the top of the Devil’s Head Lookout hike on a clear day can see 100 miles in every direction.

Rampart Range Road provides access to the Devil’s Head National Recreational Trail and while this is closed during the winter months, it reopens in April or May each year.

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