Spencer McKee looks down over the town of Telluride from nearby slopes of Telluride Ski Resort. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin.

Spencer McKee looks down over the town of Telluride from nearby slopes of Telluride Ski Resort. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin.

According to The Points Guy, Southwest Airlines is set to start offering flights from Denver International Airport to Montrose during ski season, in addition to a flight route between Denver and Steamboat Springs. The flights to Montrose are set to start on December 19 and last though April 5.

New Country 99.1 has reported that there will be up to three flights from DIA to Montrose daily.

A number of resorts are located close to Montrose, including Telluride (66 miles), Powderhorn (67 miles), Silverton (66 miles), Crested Butte (94 miles), Monarch (108 miles) and Purgatory (81 miles). Found in the southwest corner of the state, these resorts have been inconvenient for Denver residents to access in the past, requiring long travel times. For instance, the trip to Telluride typically requires a 360-mile drive that takes 6 or more hours.

A flight time projector indicates that the travel time between Denver and Montrose will mean just 34 minutes in the air.

Does this new flight option make you more likely to visit these resorts? Let us know in the comments.

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35 min flight + 30 min drive/train to airport + 1 hr. arrival before flight + getting transportation from airport + both airports are easily 45+ min. from the ski areas. I fail to see the benefits here?


Flight $$$ 1/2 hr min to airport, pay to park $$, another 20 mins shuttle. Arrive min 1 1/2 hr before flight. 1/2 hr flight. 1 hr min to deplane and retrieve baggage, rent car capable of said baggage and navigating mountain passes $$$....l

Jackie Treehorn

Southwest corner of the state does not need “Denverites”




Does it really matter you covered by Texas Scum most of the year so how could it get any worse


So 45 minutes to Montrose plus airport time on both ends and then at least an hour drive to telluride another hour there parking getting your stuff out getting dressed putting your equipment on.

45 minutes my foot.


Some great information on this site but the headlines are often exaggerated click bait. Fix that and this is a top tier Colorado site.

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