7 Places to Go Dog-Sledding in Colorado

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Escape to the snowy mountains of Colorado this winter season with a dog-sledding adventure. Here are seven dog-sledding destinations that will take you off the beaten path.

Editor's Note: The open times, prices, and restrictions at these destinations may have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check with the website of each destination prior to planning for any experience.

1. Good Times Adventure Tours

Soak up snowy mountain views as tail-wagging Siberian Huskies lead you across the trails of the Swan River Valley. Good Time Adventures located in Breckenridge offers a 6-mile dog-sledding tour for winter adventurers. Each hour and a half tour accommodates up to six guests, with a “relay” style ride. This means guests will take turns trading off places between running the dogs, riding in the dogsled, and riding on a small passenger sleigh alongside your guide. Tours are $125 per person. Snowmobile tours are also available. For more details, click here.

2. Monarch Dog Sled Rides

Take on a wild winter adventure with the furry friends of Monarch Dog Sled Rides. From gliding through snowy alpine forests to discovering an old miner cemetery to catching views of 13,000-foot peaks, many natural wonders await on this dog-guided tour. Beyond the half an hour trek, guests will also get the chance to meet the adorable furry faces behind the sleds, learn more about the sport of mushing and how to harness a dog. Prices vary by date. Get all the details here.

3. Alpine Adventures

Journey into the mountains with an adorable and friendly pack of four-legged adventure pals. Alpine Adventures, located in Leadville, offers 6-mile dog sledding tours with convenient access to some of Colorado’s most popular resort areas including Vail, Avon, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Frisco, and Keystone. Group tours typically start around late December, depending on snowpack levels. Prices vary by tour. Grab all the details here.

4. Grizzle-T Dog & Sled Works

Marvel at the scenery as you cruise through a winter wonderland with a team of Alaskan Huskies at Grizzle-T Dog & Sled Works. You’ll see beautiful scenery, snuggle up with some snow-loving pups, and sip plenty of delicious hot cocoa. Choose from two dog-sledding trails including an 8-mile scenic ride through the frosty shores of Stagecoach Reservoir and a 12.5-mile backcountry exploration through a private ranch, just west of Steamboat Springs. Prices vary. Get all the details here.

5. Snow Buddy Dog Sled Tours

Immerse yourself in the wild backcountry of Dunckley Pass located in the Routt National Forest at Snow Buddy Dog Sled Tours. Take a tour or drive your very own sled at this hidden outdoor gem tucked away in Oak Creek, just south of Steamboat Springs. For more details, click here.

6. Mountain Paws Dog Sled Tours

Venture to Pagosa Springs for a thrilling winter adventure at the Mountain Paws Dog Sled Tours. This dog-sled tour will transport you to a winter wonderland as you ride through the frosted trails of the San Juan Mountains near Pagosa Springs. After all the dog-sledding fun, warm back up again with a wintertime soak at the Springs Resort and Spa. Dog-sledding your prices vary. All the details can be found here.

7. Durango Dog Ranch

A dog-sledding adventure awaits at the Durango Dog Ranch. If you’re seeking backcountry delights, this is the dog-sledding ride for you. Adventure under the stars with an “evening training race” consisting of headlamps and two to four hours of four-legged racing. If daylight sounds more appealing, check out the two-hour “intro to mushing tour.” Prices vary. Find tour details here.

Editor’s Note: If you’re planning on going dog-sledding, there are few things you’ll need to know first. Check the weather forecast before you go and plan to pack extra layers. Mountain weather changes quickly, so you’ll want to make sure you wear waterproof boots, a heavy winter coat, socks (carry an extra pair in case your feet get wet), gloves, a neck gator, and hat. Eye protection such as goggles or sunglasses is also strongly recommended. Hold on tight and be prepared for a bumpy ride!


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