In a morbid silver lining, the body of a young bear killed Monday by a vehicle in Colorado Springs will be used by Colorado Parks and Wildlife to supplement funds for the agency.

The female black bear was struck near East Las Vegas Street and Janitell Road about 9 a.m.

In an attempt to put as much of the roadkill to good use as possible, CPW’s procedure is to sell the head and hide at an auction. The proceeds go back to Parks and Wildlife, said spokesman Bill Vogrin.

“This way it’s not a waste,” said Vogrin.

With a juvenile black bear this size, the small pelt could garner $75 to $100. It’s not much, but every little bit helps, said Vogrin.

The meat of a bear hit in traffic is not salvageable, Vogrin said, because the agency has no way to know how long it’s been dead or what’s happened to it since.

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