Given the recent snow, I knew ice was likely during a hike with my dog last weekend. I would be making the brief trek to the top of Mount Cutler in Colorado Springs – a shadowed route the reaches 6,746 feet in elevation. It’s a beginner route, but with a pulling dog and a steep grade, ice could make the trek treacherous.

I remembered the YakTrax that I had recently uncovered during a weekend of reorganization. Despite having them for at least two winters, I’d never found the excuse to give them the try. Excited that I would finally get the chance to test them out, I threw them in my bag.

The model I’d be testing that day would be the YakTrax Pro. They use a coiled grip that’s similar to the standard YakTrax model, though a velcro overstrap makes the “Pro” design better for more intense movement – hiking, running, etc. They retail at $30.

Upon encountering ice, the YakTrax were secured to my shoes within a matter of minutes. As I set off across the slick surface, the difference between the dry dirt and the ice was practically unnoticeable aside from the crunch of the traction device digging in. Uphill, downhill – no difference. The YakTrax Pro was great for the ice and hardpacked snow. I was able to walk with confidence, trusting that my feet would not slide with my movements.

Heads up – the pair that I was testing was probably around two years old (or more). I thought they did so well on the hike that I wanted to share in case you’re looking for a solution to the same icy problem. The model may have changed, but you’re able to find what the company now offers at this link.

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