Sail boating, canoeing, and fishing on a large 3,233-acre lake certainly don’t sound like something you’d find nestled 9,000 feet up in the mountains, but Dillon Reservoir, or Lake Dillon, offers just that. You can find the world’s highest deep-water marina just over an hour west of Denver.


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In the early 1950s, the Denver Water Board decided to use the town of Dillon to build what is now the largest water storage facility in the Denver area. The entire population of Dillon, Colorado had to relocate before construction began in 1961. Now, the Dillon Reservoir holds over 257,000-acres of water and has an average depth of 79 feet.

Dillon Reservoir Photo Credit John Fielder - OutThere Colorado
Kayaking Dillon Reservoir in Summit County. Photo Credit: John Fielder.

The Dillon Yacht Club annually hosts the Dillon Open Regatta, dubbed “World’s Highest Regatta”. Shifting winds off the surrounding mountains make for a challenging (and beautiful!) sailing experience.

Dillon Reservoir is open year-round, 24 hours a day. Boating, fishing (ice fishing in the winter), camping, and hunting are available for your leisure. Cross-country ski paths, bicycle trails, and scenic overviews surround the majestic lake.

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If you plan on visiting during the winter, make sure to pack extra snow gear. Dillon receives an average of 127 inches of snow a year. With an average temperature of 73 degrees, July is a perfect month to visit this oasis.

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