According to a report by the Summit Daily, the Summit County Rescue Group saved a woman that had been “cliffed-out” on Mount Royal while hiking Tuesday evening. Being “cliffed-out” occurs when one is unable to move up and down a route without risk of falling off a cliff. Generally, this happens when one is off-trail, as was the case here.

The rescuing team used technical climbing gear including ropes and anchors to rescue the woman, who was located roughly 2/3rds up the mountain. Summit County’s Mount Royal reaches a maximum elevation of 10,502 feet. The hike is 4 miles round trip with a big gain of 1,588 feet.

This instance shows how important it is to stay on the trail when hiking, as not doing so can result in a range of negative consequences to self and to the environment. Staying the trail is one of the most basic rules for hiking and should always be followed. In some instances, not staying the trail has led to death, especially when cliffs are involved. Going off-trail resulted in several deaths last summer on Capitol Peak.

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