A woman was killed on Tuesday by a falling branch during a windstorm in which wind speeds were said to reach 89 miles per hour. Currently unidentified, the woman was said to be moving into an apartment near Walnut Street and Garfield Avenue in Louisville, Colorado, when she took a break to rest beneath a tree. During this break, a limb snapped off and struck her head, sending her to the hospital where she later died.

While recent Colorado wind storms have flipped semi-trucks, ripped trees from the ground, and caused extensive damage to homes, this is the first death in Colorado due to “near-hurricane force” winds. Details aren’t available regarding the exact wind speed present when the woman was struck.

With seasonal winds ramping up in Colorado, use extra caution when outside on high-wind days. Avoid driving if in a light-weight high-profile vehicle and watch for falling and flying debris while outside.

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