A woman has passed away following extreme weather in Englewood, Colorado. Officers found the woman unresponsive in a basement that was flooding as a result of an intense summer storm. This storm was one of several that has bashed the Front Range this week. Many of the storms have brought flash floods, mudslides, and inches of hail with them.

After receiving a call that the woman’s basement was flooding, Englewood Police arrived on the scene. The were able to reach the woman and life-saving tactics were administered, though they were ultimately unsuccessful. The woman was taken to Swedish Medical Center in critical condition, where she passed away on Wednesday morning.

As summer weather continues to intensify across the state of Colorado, it’s crucial to be aware of when rains are coming and where to be when they do. While this case involved a flooding basement in an urban setting, a high level of flood risk is also present in rural areas where burn scars are present. This increased risk is a direct result of the number of large fires that have hit Colorado this summer. When a fire moves through an area, it destabilizes the ground and can result in powerful run-off.

Here’s a map of where this flooding occurred:

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