According to a public Facebook post that was published Tuesday afternoon and then cross-posted to the Colorado Springs Mountain Biking Facebook group, a young woman was reportedly hospitalized following a Tuesday morning (6/5/18) attack by an unknown person at Palmer Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado. According to the post, the woman was hiking when she was attacked before being knocked out for approximately 20 minutes. When she woke up, she had been dragged away from her belongings and left with a bruised hip bone and a concussion, along with a series of scrapes and bruises. According to the post, she’s still shaken up from the incident, but felt the need to spread the word in attempt to warn other people that may be hiking in the area.

Accompanying the original post by the injured hiker are two photos showing the female hiker in a hospital bed. In one image, some sort of neck brace can clearly be seen. According to the post, she’s now home from the hospital and recovering.

While the content of this story comes from a public Facebook post, we’ve made the decision to keep the poster’s identity private for the time being as the story develops. We wish her a speedy recovery and will continue to update this post as we learn more.

In a recent post found on the official Colorado Springs Police Department Facebook page, they’re calling for the woman involved in the incident to make an official report of the crime. If this is done, they’ll be able to open an official investigation. If you were the victim of this crime and are reading this post right now, the number listed to call and report the crime is 719-444-7000.

UPDATE [5:11 PM; 6/6/18]: A recent article on the story has stated that the victim was unable to initially report the crime due to her location in Fountain resulting in a jurisdiction issue with Colorado Springs police. She was able to file a report just after noon with the CSPD.

Palmer Park is a unique urban space noteworthy for it’s elevated terrain in an otherwise flat area. While it’s located in the heart of Colorado Springs, it feels very rugged with trails often hiding the city from view entirely. Palmer Park spans approximately 730 acres and is known for it’s rock spires, cliffs, and plateaus. The largest park in the Colorado Springs metro area, Palmer Park was named the “Best Urban Park” by Elevation Outdoors Magazine on their “Best in the Rockies 2017” list.

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