The Manitou Incline is often referred to as one of Colorado’s most strenuous hikes, consisting of nearly 3,000 steps and 2,000 feet of vertical gain in less than a mile. In other words – it’s extremely difficult, capable of getting the most athletic person’s heart pounding. On April 23rd, one Colorado Springs woman did the unthinkable – she climbed this incredibly difficult trail using only her arms.

Following a 2014 accident that left her as a double amputee, Mandy Horvath has made it a point to stay active. According to a post on her Facebook account, her climb up the incline was a nod to #limblossawarenessmonth. In the same post, she speculates that she’s the first female double-amputee to reach the top, and our research points to this claim as being accurate.

Truly an inspiration for all, Mandy Horvath has gotten a huge amount of public support from a local and national community as the video of her climb continues to spread. The video shows her using her arms to lift herself up each step, fitted with gloves for protection on the rough route.

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