Found in Guffey, Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation has been housing a number of wolves and wolf dogs for more than 23 years, though that won’t be the case for much longer.

It was announced on Sunday in an emotional Facebook post that Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation would be closing its doors in December of 2019. The reason for the closure is said to be the aging of Mark and Catherine Johnson, the two in charge of the operation.

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Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation was known for housing “Cheyenne the Healing Wolf” for more than a decade. Living for twelve years and ten months, Cheyenne was visited by thousands from around the world thanks to her ability to connect with people emotionally.

Animals on the property will be relocated to a Sedalia area non-profit known as “Mattersville Vets” to be part of the “Warriors with Wolves” program. The relocation process has already started and will continue through January 2020. The non-profit works with PTSD patients, as well as members of the military that need a home for their dog while on active duty. According to Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation, Mattersville Vets plans to offer tours, though additional details have yet to be released.

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The public announcement from RMWF ends with a note of thanks directed at more than 22,000 visitors and volunteered over the multiple decades that the foundation has been operation. During that stint, the center offered tours on a donation basis, allowing visitors to get an up-close experience with animals housed there.

Spencer McKee meets Thor, one of the larger animals at the facility. Thor passed away earlier this year.

A Colorado experience known for striking the call of the wild in thousands, Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation is sure to be missed by the local Pikes Peak Region community and far beyond.

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