I’m guessing you’ve already heard about how dangerous Colorado’s high country is at the moment due to “extreme” avalanche risks. From cars getting engulfed on an interstate to resorts shutting down to avalanche-caused gas leaks, big snowfall is wreaking havoc.

In the video below, you’ll see amazing footage published by Colorado Avalanche Information Center. It’s of a massive avalanche screaming down the Disney slide path above Berthoud Pass, before covering US 40. According to them, this road has not been covered by an avalanche since 1957.

This slide occurred as part of avalanche mitigation efforts. Big thanks goes out to CAIC, CDOT, and all other parties working hard to keep Colorado safe during these historic winter conditions.

If you want to stay safe, avoid the areas where avalanche risk is high. If you can’t avoid them, make sure you’re prepared by staying up-to-date on road conditions and by packing your car with the proper safety gear.

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