Instead of getting a on treadmill, take your running game outdoors and away from civilization. Running your favorite trail not only keeps you in shape, but it adds a little nature fix to your exercise routine.

Fuel Your Brain

When most people think of running, they usually default to the immediate health benefits to the body. However, running is more than that. It allows our mind to unravel and meditate. When you take that one step further, and replace the gym walls, city streets, and paved routes with dirt and singing birds, your mind can truly relax. We can fully unravel the stream of thoughts and just be present while running the trail.

Running, It Does a Body Good

Beyond basic cardio improvement, trail running brings a lot of other health benefits. Rocky trails mean that your ankles and knees will be in overdrive. Running trails dramatically increases stability and strength in your legs. As a result, your balance also improves. Furthermore, unlike typical paved runs, trail surfaces are softer, lessening the impact on your joints throughout your run.

Where Do I Start?

Colorado is rife with trails that beg for runners. Start with one of your favorites or take a few of our suggestions. The best lower-elevation run we’ve found is the 12-mile Mesa Trail near Boulder. For a real butt-buster, try running Mount Falcon in Morrison. Depending on which route you choose, you can curate a run from three to eight miles. Runners on the Western Slope will love the 2.5-mile grind up to Animas Mountain near Durango. Pawnee Pass in Indian Peaks will satisfy your lust for ridge views on this nine-mile run.

Shake up your routine and give trail running a try. Strengthen your body and allow your mind to meditate on the fantastic scenery of Colorado.

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