In 1990, a very unique Colorado destination, the Colorado Gators Reptile Park, opened its doors in Mosca. Today, it’s the premiere Colorado spot to test your skills at gator wrestling, with courses offered that let you handle gators from two to eight feet long for the low price of $100. They also offer a class that focuses on how to properly handle an assortment of reptiles.

Gators originally came to the property in 1987 while the space was still a tilapia farm. They were used to help dispose of fish-processing waste.

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You’ll notice in the video above that the handler quickly inspects the gator after taking it from the participant. Gators are known for fighting with each other, so handlers use these classes to help monitor new injuries their reptiles may have sustained from other animals.

The park is home to the world’s first Gator Rodeo and Roundup. It’s the first weekend of August each year and features the contests you’d expect at a normal rodeo, including barrel racing, roping, and riding.

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The goal of the park is to educate the public about alligators and other reptiles, including what their important role in nature is, how to safely handle them, and which types of reptiles make the best pets.

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