There’s a Colorado attraction planted in the heart of the San Luis Valley that has been seeking the otherworldly and unexplained for over a decade. Away from the light pollution of major cities, the UFO watchtower a couple miles outside of Hooper is the perfect place to spot abnormal happenings in the night sky. Whether you’re looking for an alien seeking a spot to land, government project gone awry, or just some beautiful stars, a trip here is sure to be a unique experience.

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Standing a couple stories off the ground, the watchtower platform provides a great panoramic view of the surrounding valley, which is very expansive, flat, and sparsely populated.

Some say it’s worth the visit just to check out all of the UFO memorabilia on the property.

The Hooper UFO watchtower has been featured by news organizations like VICE due to all of the peculiar happenings in the surrounding area.

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When the tower was originally created, it was designed to be a tourist trap and the owner didn’t expect to see much. Visitors have since spotted dozens of UFOs, with sightings still occurring on a regular basis.

Some locals blame the occurrences in the area on the geothermal water in the San Luis Valley. Perhaps we’ll never know.

For more, check out this VICE documentary:

If you’re curious about where the UFO watchtower is, here’s a map from our headquarters in Colorado Springs!

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