If you ask a Colorado local where “South Park” is, there’s a good chance you’ll get one of two answers – “it doesn’t exist” or “it’s Fairplay, Colorado.” While there technically isn’t a town called “South Park” in Colorado, there is a town in South Park National Heritage Area called Fairplay that fully embraces the suggestion that popular television comedy “South Park” is based on their high-altitude community. However, there’s still some debate as to whether or not that is the case.

Located in Park County, Fairplay is a tiny town of less than 1,000, but also the largest town for miles in every direction. Even to the passerby, the scene bears several immediate familiarities to the show South Park, with its backdrop of mountains, colorful A-frame buildings, and quaint city streets. You’ll even spot “South Park” characters tucked away in different local spots, from a display on main street to a hidden Mr. Hankey on the storefront of a nearby merchant.

Aside from the look and feel, certain local spots bear a strong resemblance to the show. First, there’s the local “Stark’s Pond.” Though less remote than it is in the show, this tiny pond outside of town is a real place. There’s also a spot called Java Moose that looks almost identical to Tweek’s Coffee. Additionally, in Season 8 of the television series, it’s mentioned that the fictional town of South Park is on Route 285, which also happens to run right through Fairplay – and right past Stark’s Pond.

Starks Pond South Park
Stark’s Pond in South Park. Photo Credit: @2018 Google Maps (screenshot).

However, this is where things start to get murky. While both co-creators of the show are from Colorado, they don’t publicly claim that Fairplay is where the show is actually located. In the real world, South Park is a somewhat local term used to describe the large grassland space located in Park County. Some have also suggested that the characters seem to be based more-so on the people of Boulder than those in a small mountain town. Additionally, while South Park is depicted to be rural, it’s still mentioned in the show as a city of thousands, thus, much larger than Fairplay. It also doesn’t seem to help the case of Fairplay when Fairplay is mentioned as a separate town in several episodes of the show, even specified as being “4 miles away” from South Park in the “Jakovasaurs” episode.

In conclusion, this writer thinks that it’s more likely Fairplay was used for inspiration of parts of the show, but not the inspiration of the town in its entirety. Is Fairplay “South Park?” No, probably not. But is anywhere “South Park?” Again, probably not. If somewhere in Colorado is going to claim this title, Fairplay seems like the safest bet, but until the show creators clarify, the verdict is still out.

UPDATE: In a recent episode, “The Scoots” (season 22, episode 5), a map was displayed during a town meeting in which the police department depicted South Park in relation to the towns around it. The neighboring towns included Fairplay, Harstel, Breckenridge, Leadville, Como, and Mala Vista, with South Park placed in the middle. This confirms that South Park is indeed designed to be a town of its own, not a fictionalized version of Fairplay, as many suspect.



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