If you’ve spent much time in Colorado mountain towns, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a Polaris Slingshot on the road. It’s got three wheels, it’s typically open-air, and it looks somewhat like the Batmobile. Upon noticing this odd vehicle, you probably wondered what they’re like and how you can give one a try. We’ve got the answers.

For starters, a Slingshot is most comparable to a street-legal go-kart in that it’s low to the ground, relatively tiny, and quite fast. It’s got two wheels in the front and one wheel in the back, with power from the engine pushing to the big wheel in the back. It’s also worth noting that these are all stick-shift at the moment.

Million Dollar Highway
Taken during our trip down the Million Dollar Highway with Silverton’s Rock Pirates on some Polaris Slingshots.

As far as handling goes, the Slingshot drives like a sports car. It hugs the turns and charges hard when the gas pedal is pressed down. Though a little awkward at first for those not used to having wheels that extend outside of the vehicle frame, driving one of these is a quick learn – provided you can already drive stick. It’s also worth noting that the placement of the back tire can result in slight slippage, as it hits the road in the middle of the lane where dirt and debris tends to stack up.

The Final Takeaway

Personally, I loved driving the Polaris Slingshot. It’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to enjoy a scenic drive in Colorado.

During our trip with Rock Pirates out of Silverton, Colorado, we travelled from Silverton over Red Mountain Pass to Telluride on the Million Dollar Highway and back. The open-air aspect really allowed me to take in the scenery in a way that I normally wouldn’t be able to if I was driving. Plus, I love sports cars and this really reminded me of the stick-shift Nissan 350z I had some time ago. If you’re looking for a fun way to travel around beautiful terrain, the Polaris Slingshot is probably the most unique option you’ve got. It’s adrenaline-inducing and pure fun, a true toy for adults.

If you’re interested in hopping in a Polaris Slingshot and checking it out for yourself, we’d recommend working with on of the Polaris Adventures outfitters. Outfitters that work directly with Polaris Adventures are able to switch out the fleet each season, meaning you’ll always have the newest and best model of whatever machine you’re renting. We tested out the Polaris Slingshot in Silverton with Rock Pirates Tours & Rentals, but you can also find Polaris Adventures outfitter locations in Woodland Park and Steamboat Springs, among other spots around the state. Here’s the full list.

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