So what is axe throwing? Hurling an axe, overhand, at a target, of course. Where did it come from? Axes have been around for well over a million years, but the tradition of throwing them developed around the 5th century as a form of weaponry. Throwing axes, which tend to have an unpredictable trajectory, can be an effective tool against an enemy. The war tradition evolved into a Celtic sport and migrated to North America eventually where it is still practiced. As both a historical military technique, and a tradition of sport, axe throwing is worth trying – though I admit I have not tried throwing an axe outside of a campsite.

Why do you need to learn to accurately throw an axe at a target? I don’t know, but it is awfully fun and, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, it could come in handy. Or if you are of Celtic heritage you may want to keep the tradition alive. Either way axe throwing is not only a competitive sport; it is a hobby held by many. It is a historic activity that has been passed down for generations.

There are proper places to throw axes, even in the Denver area. Bad Axe Throwing in Denver seems to have capitalized on the axe throwing market in the Front Range area. According to their website Bad Axe is the world’s biggest urban axe throwing club with a mission to bring the thrill of a traditional Canadian backyard pastime to urban communities. They have several locations throughout the U.S. and Canada where you can try the sport first hand. The Denver location hosts an axe throwing league and offers open axe throwing sessions at certain times. So whether it’s a survival skill, a first date activity, or a family tradition – you should try axe throwing.

Please use discretion when throwing axes overhand and practice proper safety procedures.

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