Finding a high elevation relationship can be difficult for the single mountain town folk. Many mountain residents work seasonal jobs with most of their peers going their separate ways at the end of winter and summer, making it hard to find a long term mate. You’re also dealing with smaller population sizes, so there are inherently less choices for anyone looking for any type of relationship. And don’t forget about the small town gossip mill; a mountain town will never be a “what happens in Vegas” type of place, as much as you may want it to be. But don’t despair, mountain towns are also home to some of the coolest couples in history.

I think I lucked out in my situation, so I don’t have vast dating experience dating in mountain towns, but I’m sure it is tough. I’m not really sure how to ask someone out in today’s world, but in my experience, I have suggested climbing, mountain biking, rafting and skiing. It worked for me, and I found someone who shares all the same outdoor interests as me.

Here are some seasonal-life tips to dating from my personal experience:

Find someone who is willing to live in a car with you. If you are a raft guide or in a similar summertime profession you know the struggle of finding housing during seasonal employment. If you can find someone willing to live a nomadic life, don’t let that person go. “She lived in your car and a tent with you?” I recall my mother asking, “You better marry her.” I feel that the outdoor activities I participate in are the determining qualities of who I associate with, so like-minded individuals will be your best bet.

Make sure you have the same goals in mind. If your career is aimed toward whitewater rafting or seasonal ski resort gigs, while your significant other is on their way to becoming an accountant, you may run into issues later on.

Find someone who pushes you to get better. I think competitiveness is healthy. I hate team sports, but I love individual sports. My girlfriend and I have a friendly competitiveness when it comes to certain outdoor activities, which I feel is healthy.

Don’t try too hard. You’re going to meet someone interested in the same things you are eventually. You live in the mountains for a reason, and like-minded people are drawn there as well.

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