Gov. Jared Polis on Wednesday issued a statewide stay-at-home order beginning Thursday until April 11 in response to COVID-19.

The move by Polis orders Coloradans to stay at home, but there are some big loopholes:

Hospitals, medical practices, dentists, behavioral health providers

Open for emergencies, medically-necessary visits and similar functions, while most elective procedures are postponed.

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Grocery stores, drug stores, hardware stores

They stay open, but are asked to keep people safely apart while shopping.

Pet supplies, vets

The order exempts most pet needs, with pet stores and veterinarians open.

Liquor and marijuana

Yes, and yes. They have been classified “essential businesses.”

Restaurants and bars

Open for take-out only.

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Delivery services

You will still get those Amazon orders.

Plumbers, electricians and other repair contractors

They will stay on the job.

Garbage pickup, laundry services, hair salons

During the outbreak, keeping clean is key. They stay open. Beauty, though, is on the outs. Hair and nail salons are closed.

Infrastructure, oil fields, gas stations

They fit into a wide exemption.

The news media

Stays on the job

Banks, lenders

Get to remain open

Courts, jails, prisons

The justice system remains open for some cases, but all that can be delayed are being delayed. If you have a case, check with the court or your attorney. While jails are looking to slim their inmate numbers, they remain open. It’s business as usual at state prisons.

Child care centers

They stay open, but must follow state guidelines.

Defense contractors, IT companies, automotive shops

They stay open, mostly. Many have voluntarily sent some workers home.

Trucking, farming

They stay in the fields and on the road. Warehouses and distributors will stay at work too.


Companies making medical supplies and other items deemed “critical” are among the exemptions. Call your employer to be sure.

Public safety

Cops, firefighter, tow-truck drivers will be on the job.


Stay open under the order, but safe distances are required. Gyms are closed.

OTC Editor’s Note: Do you part to keep the outdoor space open. Practice proper social distancing, take care of the trails, don’t leave trash behind, and don’t do anything that might get you hurt.

Food banks, shelters

Are exempt from the order.

Click here to read the full order.

Click here to see map of cases in Colorado.

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