Results from a recent analysis by using data from Zillow have found that a homebuyer in Colorado will need to have a rather large salary if they’re looking to purchase a home in the state. This analysis looked at how much the “average” home costs and then considered a buying scenario with a 10% down payment and a 30-year mortgage. While Colorado’s “average” home cost is likely skewed by booming prices in Denver, the results reveal a conclusion that isn’t unexpected – owning in Colorado is pricy. The general trend of the analysis was predictable – that homes in Midwest America tend to be the most affordable, getting more expensive and requiring higher salaries in states closer to the coasts. Below you’ll find the 5 places that require the lowest salary to buy, followed by 5 places where you’ll need to make the most.

States where you’ll need the lowest salary to afford the “average” home

1. West Virginia: $38,320 for a house worth $149,500

2. Ohio: $38,400 for a house worth $149,900

3. Michigan: $40,800 for a house worth $160,000

4. Arkansas: $41,040 for a house worth $161,000

5. Missouri: $42,200 for a house worth $165,900

State where you’ll need the highest salary to afford the “average” home

1. Hawaii: $153,520 for a house worth $610,000

2. Washington, DC: $138,440 for a house worth $549,000

3. California: $120,120 for a house worth $499,900

4. Massachusetts: $101,320 for a house worth $419,900

5. Colorado: $100,200 for a house worth $415,000

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