Yes, this is not a Colorado video. That being said, it’s so insane that we figure most people in our community of outdoor recreation enthusiasts might want to see it.

While on vacation in Switzerland, a man identified as Youtuber Gursk3 was carried off a cliffside on a tandem hang glider only to realize that he was not properly attached to the wing. That meant he was forced to hold his entire body weight using only his hands while dangling in the air for more than two minutes. During this time, the pilot struggles to maintain control of the aircraft while he gets it to the ground as quickly as he safely can.

This man escaped with a fractured wrist and a tore tendon, and I’d have to guess that’s a very lucky best case scenario.

Both hang gliding and paragliding are popular sports in Colorado, and they can both be very fun when all safety procedures are followed. Here’s a story about my first time hang gliding in Glenwood Springs. If you’re interested in trying either sport, it’s important to keep in mind the key difference that exists – what you’re floating through the air with.

On a paraglider, you’re using a parachute. This means that it’s flexible and easier to adjust. Many people report this experience being more relaxing, as gliders are able to sit back in most tandem experiences. With a hang glider, the wing is fixed, meaning it’s typically a more fast-paced experience. If it’s your first time looking into either, I’d recommend looking at paragliding first. Learn more about paragliding in Colorado here.

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