While mountain lions typically keep to themselves, they’ll occasionally sneak into inhabited areas around the state of Colorado. In this instance, a mountain lion was spotted in a tree of a Grand Junction home. The Colorado Parks & Wildlife organization was called to deal with the animal, which they sought to relocate without harm. The mountain lion was tranquilized, but still stuck high in the tree, which posed a new problem.

Find a video of the incident below:

According to the description of the Youtube video, the mountain lion was safely removed from the tree thanks to the use of a tarp and a little bit of climbing by a Colorado Parks & Wildlife officer. The lion was young, weighing in at 60 pounds.

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If you see a mountain lion in a civilized area, do not approach the animal. They can be dangerous. Instead, call your local Colorado Parks & Wildlife unit and they’ll be able to deal with the situation in the safest way possible, for both you and the animal. While mountain lion attacks on humans are rare, they do happen. Mountain lions have also been known to attack pets, so be extra cautious if you’re letting Fido out in an area where mountain lions are known to roam. While mountain lions are often thought to be a scarce animal, there are actually 3,000 to 7,000 in the state, according to Colorado Parks & Wildlife. They’re just really good at hiding from humans.

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