According to an August 2 post in the Facebook group “Woodland Park Underground,” wolves have allegedly been spotted roaming near the KOA outside of Cripple Creek, Colorado. They have been seen multiple times, with the video showing one light grey animal and one black animal.

An update to the post has claimed that the wolves are escaped pets, but confirmed as wolves. The animals in the video definitely look wolf-like, though it is important to remember that some breeds of dogs can resemble wolves or be mixed with wolves. Coyotes are also commonly mistaken for wolves.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think or view the original post here.

There has been a confirmed sighting of a wild wolf in Colorado recently. It was the first sighting in 4 years.

Cripple Creek is roughly an hour from Colorado Springs, located at an elevation of 9,494 feet in the shadows of Pikes Peak.

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