LOVELAND, Colo. (AP) — A video posted to Facebook has raised concerns after it showed a woman texting with both hands while driving in a police community service officer vehicle in Colorado. Texting while driving is prohibited under state law.

The video posted Tuesday shows a woman driving a Loveland Police Department vehicle, the Reporter-Herald reported Wednesday.

OTC Editor’s Note: See the video here

The person who posted the 4-second clip to Facebook has not responded to requests for comment. In comments on his post, he said he was in the back seat of a vehicle while recording the video.

“LPD is aware of a video involving one of our employees,” the department said on its official Facebook account. “We are addressing the situation. Thank you for your support and bringing this to our attention.”

Community service officers are civilians, not sworn police officers, and some are unpaid volunteers, the department said.

Police spokesman Lt. Rick Arnold declined to comment further.

“The department maintains a high standard of quality, and we encourage feedback on how we’re performing,” he said.

Texting while driving is prohibited under state law, though voice calls are permitted, authorities said. A bill introduced in the state Legislature would outlaw any handheld phone use while driving.

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