One man’s quick thinking likely saved the family pet in Nederland, Colorado. As reported by the Daily Camera, Allen Trupp was visiting his father-in-law, Charlie Allen,  when a routine bathroom break for his 64-pound dog named Maeby almost turned deadly.

Over the course of 90 seconds, Maeby is let outside, attacked by a mountain lion, and then saved by the efforts of the two men. What started off as yelling and waving turned into Allen shining a blinking flashlight on the lion, which halted the attack.

According to Allen, the lion had the dog for roughly 35 seconds. The lion also stuck around for 45 minutes following the attack. Currently, the dog is in recovery, with seven puncture wounds, a deep cut, and plenty of scratches. Thankfully, it wasn’t worse.

UPDATE [11:34 AM; 3/15/18]: Several readers have sent us tips that a mountain lion was found dead in the vicinity of this attack. We’re currently working on verifying these claims.

Here’s a video of the men reacting to the attack, followed by a video of the mountain lion wandering the vicinity.

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