Recently, a video was posted to the Now That’s Colorado Facebook group showing bear cubs playing in a southwest Colorado Springs backyard while mama bear monitored the situation from nearby. In the video, one of the bears can be seen cooling off in a backyard pond, while entertaining itself with an alligator decoration. See the video below:

While it’s always cute to see some bear cubs up close, it’s also important to remember that you need to do your part to keep bears out of your backyard.

NOTE: This doesn’t mean the woman filming this video did anything wrong. Bears are creative and very smart. They’re good at getting into places they want to be. Even taking preventative steps won’t keep them out 100% of the time.

Bears have great memories and when they find food somewhere, they’re very likely to return to that spot for a second meal. Many times, these interactions lead to relocation, and if that doesn’t work, euthanization is next. If you live in a place where bear sightings are common, use bear proof trash containers, clean your grills after use, and make sure windows, doors, and garages stay shut. Don’t be part of the reason a bear is killed.

Here are 17 tips related to bear safety that everyone should know.

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