According to a report by KDVR, Colorado Park Rangers were searching for two people caught on camera vandalizing a limestone cliff face at Castlewood Canyon State Park. Park-goer Amy Rheinfrank witnessed the crime and snapped a photo, reporting the incident to Parks Rangers. The suspects were no longer at the scene when rangers arrived.

Vandalism in Colorado’s natural space has been a topic of concern in recent years, as instances like the PROM-posal at Colorado National Monument and vandalism on Hanging Lake trail have left outdoor recreation lovers scratching their heads, wondering why someone would deface natural beauty. As the popularity of outdoor recreation continues to grow, education about how to take care of the great outdoors is key in protecting that natural space.

Local governments around Colorado have been pushing back hard against vandalism in recent years, taking big steps to repair defaced spots like Rainbow Falls. Online communities have also arose shaming vandals, including the @TrailTrashCo Instagram page (Note: This page was recently shut down by Instagram).

In most cases, vandalism of natural land can carry a penalty of fines or jail time. If you see someone vandalizing public land, call the Park Rangers immediately. Snapping a photo will also help them identify the suspects.

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