It’s a widespread assumption that skiing is getting more expensive as years go by, but this year, Vail Resort crossed a new milestone. Last year, a lift ticket could be purchased for around $180 for a single day on the mountain. This year, the at-window ticket price has jumped to $209 during certain dates. You can save $10 by booking online, bringing the online price down to $199.

Media Credit: Vail Resort website (screenshot).

If you’re looking to find a cheaper ticket, buying bulk days will help. Weekend days also seem to be more expensive, though this isn’t always the case. As you might expect, children’s tickets are cheaper – priced up to $144 at the window and $118 online, as are senior tickets – who get a decent online discount, making their tickets $199 at the window and $161 online.

How’s this stack up to other high-priced entertainment around the country?

  • A basic ticket to Disneyworld costs around $120 (depending on season).
  • A ticket to the Super Bowl can be found for around $3,000 (at time of publishing).
  • A ticket to see the Avett Brothers at Red Rocks Amphitheatre starts at around $130.
  • Tickets to upcoming Denver Nuggets games seem to start at around $20.
  • Tickets to Six Flags Chicago cost $78.
  • A trip across the Royal Gorge costs $24.
  • A ticket to the top of the Empire State Building costs $38.

As skiing continues to get more expensive in Colorado, many wonder what price point will result in a balance of limiting crowds while also keeping resorts accessible. How much are you willing to pay to ski?

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