As snow starts stacking up in an urban setting, it can become hazardous.

According to a Facebook post by Crested Butte Fire Protection District, 3 “urban avalanche” incidents have occurred in the last week. There have been four people involved and one of those people died. Each incident was related to shoveling heavy snow off of the roof.

Their post warns that the snow that has fallen in the Crested Butte area is quite heavy. They suggest using a buddy system and safety system while getting snow off of the roof if you’re in an area where a lot of snow has fallen.

Other tips include avoiding areas where heavy snow is stacked above you. Being aware is a big part of staying safe. Use extra caution when temperatures are changing. This is one time when snow slide-age on slanted rooftops can be common.

More snow is expected to fall in the Crested Butte area Monday through Wednesday of next week.

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