Calling all powder hounds!

If you live in Colorado’s mountains, there’s a good chance some fresh flakes landed on your street overnight. According to reports from forecasters at OpenSnow, three different storms are making moves in Colorado, the first of which has already started dumping. Another storm is projected to roll through the mountains from Thursday to Saturday, and a third will be hitting the high country on Sunday morning, likely to drop double-digit snow totals in parts of Colorado.

In total, these storms are projected to drop 11 to 27 inches, depending on when and where snow ends up falling. According to Gratz at OpenSnow, a few resorts are already off to a great start, including Steamboat and Crested Butte, which have gotten 7 and 6 inches of snow over the past 24 hours. Wolf Creek is expected to be hit the hardest, projected to get 22 inches over the next 5 days.

If you’d like to attend one of forecaster Joel Gratz‘ upcoming talks about winter forecasting tips and how to properly chase powder, he’ll be talking at the Denver Athletic club on December 5.

In other parts of Colorado, things will be chillier, but with less snow. Colorado Springs is expected to dip down into the 30s this weekend, with a particularly cold and possibly snowy Sunday. Denver will likely be slightly warmer, which should prevent snowfall. The only chance of weekend precipitation there is 20% on Sunday.

Temperatures this weekend are slightly lower than historic averages on the Front Range.

If you’re living on the Western slope, expect a cloudy, chilly weekend with a chance of snow. Grand Junction is looking at temperatures in the 30s, possibly dipping down to the teens at night, with a 20% chance of precipitation on both weekend days.

While you’re in the mountains this weekend, use extreme caution on the roads. Heavy traffic and poor conditions can cause major issues, including situations where drivers are left stranded. Keep extra water in your trunk, along with dry foods and extra layers.


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