Forecasting website Powderchasers has predicted up to 15 inches of fresh snow falling in Colorado this week, with their low estimate at 9 inches. According to their report, light snow will fall in the central and northern mountains on Wednesday, with this storm continuing into Thursday and Friday. The peak snowfall is expected to occur Wednesday night through Thursday.

While the heaviest snow is expected to fall in the central mountains, snow is expected on the Front Range, as well. In Colorado Springs, temperatures are expected to drop on Wednesday night, bringing snow amid heavy precipitation that’s expected to be seen throughout the week.

Snow will also be possible in Denver on Thursday depending on the temperature. If it’s too warm, this will likely be heavy rain instead.

Parts of Colorado are also likely to see hail as big as 1-inch in diameter this week, with winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. Those severe storms are expected to occur over Monday and Tuesday east of El Paso county.

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