According to, a website operated by the EPA, air quality warnings have been issued around Colorado with the current air quality index (AQI) south of Denver at 128 (9:22 AM MT).

This level of poor air quality falls into the “unhealthy for sensitive groups” category, with the air most likely to have a negative impact on children, elderly, and those with certain pre-existing health conditions. These groups are recommended to avoid physical exertion.

As long as the AQI remains above 100, it will be hazardous to these sensitive groups. If it reaches 151, it will then reach the next level of warning. A forecast (9:32 AM MT) on the website (as seen below) predicts that levels will reach this next tier in the Denver area later today. As you can see, these conditions will likely extend far past city limits.

Media Courtesy: via screenshot.

This is a developing story. Air quality will change throughout the day.

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