An unfortunate aspect of outdoor recreation is inherent risk, and white-water rafting is one sport where humans face one of the mightiest natural powers – the river. While certain procedures and practices can help reduce risk, accidents can always happen, especially when one is dealing with unpredictable natural forces beyond their control. Over the past two days, Sunday and Monday, two rafters died in two separate incidents on two different Colorado rivers, a bitter reminder to the local water-faring community that dangers lurk.

The first accident occurred Sunday, when a man fell into Clear Creek, located west of Denver near Idaho Springs. The man was visiting from Chicago and was on a commercial rafting trip. While guides attempted to pull the man back into the raft, they were ultimately unsuccessful.

The second incident occurred a day later on the Arkansas River, just north of Buena Vista. In this instance, a husband and wife were thrown into the river following a capsize. The wife was able to swim to shore, while the husband was swept downstream. The man’s body was eventually located several hours after the incident.

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