Two Coloradans, a 20-year-old male and a 19-year-old female, went missing this week after planning a camping trip into the Colorado mountains. In initial reports, it was stated that the two individuals had not let any family members know their destination.

They left on Tuesday and were found on Thursday, after becoming stranded near Ward, Colorado. They waited out winter weather overnight in their car before walking to a home spotted in the distance the next morning.

Cell phones weren’t active and the male missed a Thursday surgical appointment, which added to concerns.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending, however there are a few lessons to be learned.

First, always tell someone where you’ll be (and when you’ll be back). This helps with any potential search and rescue efforts that may need to take place. Because no one knew where these young adults were headed, a search is more difficult.

Second, always pack your car with winter essentials when you’ll be driving in winter weather. It’s unclear whether or not these individuals had done that, but we’re guessing they were stacked up on resources given their plan of car camping.

Third, heed the weather warnings in areas where you’re traveling. This storm that resulted in the pair’s stranding was forecasted well ahead of time.

Stay safe out there and pack these things in your trunk for winter.

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