According to a press release from the Delta County Sheriff’s Office, two men are missing after a snowcat fell through ice that was covering Island Lake on Grand Mesa.

The men were discovered to be missing after not checking out of a hotel room that they were staying in with two other people. The two others were located having left the area of the lodge.

When it was determined that their whereabouts were unknown, Delta County Search and Rescue arrived on the scene, as did a family member with a snowmobile. A search revealed snowcat tracks heading toward the middle of the lake reaching approximately 150 yards from the shore. At that point, a large hole was discovered.

The exact model of snowcat was not mentioned in the press release, though it was estimated at 15,000 pounds.

Read the full press release here.

A snowcat is similar to a snowmobile in that is allows easy travel across snow with the use of tracks. Where it varies is that snowcats are often much larger and typically have enclosed cabs. Snowcats are frequently used by skiers and snowboarders for backcountry transportation.

Grand Mesa is the largest flat-topped mountain in the world, covering an area of 500 square miles.

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