Recently, a story was published that mentioned Colorado was being considered for a mode of transportation that would cut travel time between Colorado Springs and Denver to less than 10 minutes. In the next phase of that conversation, two Colorado cities have been mentioned by competing companies as potential locations for tracks meant to test similar technology.

It was announced on Tuesday that a Los Angeles-based company, Arrivo, would be building a test track near E-470 in Denver in early 2018 with expectations of achieving speeds around 200 miles per hour. The company’s first commercialized version of the technology is expected to be ready as early as 2021.

Shortly after this announcement was made, Loop Global Inc. announced that Colorado Springs was in the running for a test track version of their own high-speed tube transit system. This follows the company’s announcement over the summer regarding plans to construct a pay-to-ride 3-mile demonstration track. Loop Global is still considering four other sites for their test track.

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