Will giraffe mania come soon to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo?

Two giraffe moms could give birth to the zoo’s 200th and 201st calves this spring. To mark the occasion, the zoo announced Tuesday night that it plans to install a live-streaming “birth cam” inside the giraffe barn as the due dates are closer.

The occasion is reminiscent of April the Giraffe, who gave birth in October at a zoo in Harpursville, N.Y. April’s delivery of Tajiri was broadcast online, attracting viewers from all over the world and bringing attention to giraffe conservation.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo officials are excited about another infant joining – at last count – 17 other giraffes. The zoo has had nearly 200 successful births since the breeding program started in 1954 and has the largest reticulated giraffe herd of any zoo in the world.

The last giraffe born was Rae, who arrived April 25 and became the 199th calf.

Two of the zoo’s female giraffes bred with Khalid on Valentine’s Day last year, zoo officials said. Muziki is confirmed pregnant, while a second blood draw will be conducted Friday to confirm Laikipia’s pregnancy.

In June, the zoo determined that Laikipia was “likely” pregnant.

Giraffe gestation can take as long as 15 months. This means Muziki’s due date is late April. And if Laikipia is pregnant, she could give birth around the same time, zoo officials said.

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