According to a Facebook post by the Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition, traps were allegedly found strung across a trail near Dakan Road in Rampart Range on July 25th. The traps consisted of some sort of wire or string stretched between two trees acting as a clothesline. According to this initial post, a rider collided with the trap, luckily walking away with just a bloody nose and a damaged visor. This collision could have been much worse, potentially resulting in a serious neck injury or even death. The height of the trap is roughly head height for someone on an ATV.

Comments by the group attached to the Facebook post have mentioned that the US Forest Service has become involved, scouring the area for similar traps. See images of the trap below:

The group is asking that those on trails in the area stay alert and be on the lookout for additional traps. If one is spotted, they’re requesting that authorities are notified.

Traps spring up on trails in Colorado from time to time, including one April instance in which a Colorado Springs cyclist was hospitalized following a collision with a similar clothesline-style trap. Trail traps were also reportedly placed on Colorado Springs mountain biking trails in January 2018. In the 2018 case, fishing line was said to be strung across multiple fast-paced downhill biking trails.

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