It’s radio on demand—journalists, storytellers, and talk show hosts have turned to the podcast to create the curated content-driven shows that once dominated public radio. Whether you’re headed to the mountains, on an extended road trip, or headed out for a jog, listening to a podcast is the perfect way to pass the time.

We’ve chosen three of our favorite Colorado podcasts focused on the outdoors and outdoor recreation to accompany your next adventure.

1. The Enormocast

If you’re really into climbing, you’ve got a friend in Dan Gambino host of the Enormocast. Through discussion, interviews, and advice from a climber with more than 20 years of experience, Gambino invites listeners into climbing culture. As Enormocast follower Daniel writes, “Listening to you makes me feel connected, plugged in with the rest of the climbing world, your discussions on subjects I’m not even aware of makes my day”.


2. Outdoor Industry Association’s Audio Outdoorist

The Boulder, Colorado and Washington D.C. based Outdoor Industry Association is the leading trade association for the $646 billion outdoor recreation industry. Their podcast is effectively an insider’s trade journal, digging into issues facing outdoor brands and retailers. One of the podcast’s recent five-episode series focuses on “Made in America” brands. Conversations with folks like Darren Josey, marketing manager of Polartec, and Chris Ritchie, PR and communications manager at Thule, illuminate the retail benefits of domestic manufacturing as well as efforts to reduce a company’s carbon footprint through strategic factory location.


3. She Explores

This thoughtful podcast is exactly what creative women who love the outdoors have been waiting for. From profiles of women who work for the National Park Service to addressing fears women express about embarking on solo adventures, the podcast really gets at what makes us tick and how the outdoors inspires exploration and creative endeavor. Though the podcast isn’t produced in Colorado, the production includes contributors from the Centennial State and adventure stories based in the Colorado Rockies.

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