Located just a little more than an hour from Colorado Springs, the Royal Gorge Bridge is one Southern Colorado destination you’ve got to see to believe. The bridge stretches over Royal Gorge Canyon at 955 feet above the ground, making it the highest bridge in the country. It was also the highest bridge in the world for over 70 years until it was surpassed by a Chinese construction project in 2001.

The bridge in 2012. Photo Credit: DanielBendjy (iStock).

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It’s even longer than its height above the ground, stretching 1,260 feet, with 880 feet between its towers.

The beautiful Royal Gorge Bridge near Canon City in Colorado
Photo Credit: narawon (iStock).

The Royal Gorge Canyon that the bridge spans reaches a maximum depth of 1,250 feet, though at its base it gets as narrow as 50 feet.

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A bridge isn’t the only way to cross the Royal Gorge: There’s also a zipline and an aerial tram.

Royal Gorge - OutThere Colorado
The Royal Gorge Gondola (iStock).

Next time you’re looking for a great day trip, make sure you keep Cañon City and the Royal Gorge in mind.

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