There’s a reason that Telluride is consistently ranked one of the top ten ski resorts in the world. Unbeatable scenery meets a five-star resort experience meets some of the most challenging in-bounds terrain in North America—all set deep in the rugged San Juan Mountains. The adventurous spirit of Telluride’s first pioneers and hardy miners endures in this special place. Up for an adventure? Try hiking the expert level Gold Hill Chutes or Bald Mountain. In the mood for a cruiser? The See Forever blue run provides unbeatable 360 degree views of the surrounding peaks.  

“How do you teach someone to ski who has never experienced snow? A group of teenage girls from South Africa arrived in Telluride in the winter of 2013 with a maturity that belied their heavy back-stories. But when the snow began to fall, they were children again—throwing snowballs, building snowmen, and trying to catch the flakes on their tongues. Over the course of the next two weeks, the girls progressed from shaky wedge turns on the Magic Carpet to gliding with ease down green trails. I have never enjoyed skiing (or teaching skiing) as much as I did the day that I followed all 12 girls down the iconic Telluride green trail, the 4.6-mile Galloping Goose from the top at 12,000 feet to the base. When I saw their smiles, and I heard their laughter, I knew I had them hooked.”

Pro Tips

  • Skip the fancy lunch at Bon Vivant or Alpino Vino and go for a black bean sauté and PBR tall boy at Giuseppe’s with the locals. Lean back in your Adirondack chair and enjoy one of the most stunning views in all of Colorado.
  • When the snow is slushy in spring, stick to the front side of the mountain in the afternoon. Skiing Milk Run in early April is the closest that you’ll get to a February powder day. 
  • Hike from the top of Prospect Express (Lift 12) to the base of the Palmyra Peak climb. Jump the cornice into Mount Quail before the Palmyra ascent for a beautiful chute run. 
  • Recommended season(s): Early March to beat the Spring Break crowd and get some of the best snow of the season.

    —Sophie Goodman


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