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The 0.6-mile Siamese Twins Trail on the west side of Garden of the Gods Park is one of the best easy hikes near Colorado Springs. The popular trail, with a 108-foot elevation gain, makes an open loop from the trailhead in Spring Canyon to the Siamese Twins, a sandstone formation with two summits. An arch in the Twins offers an iconic view west toward 14,115-foot Pikes Peak, making it a favorite shot for photographers. The double-wide trail is easy to follow, with steps on steep sections and trail markers. Parking is usually found at the trailhead at Spring Canyon except on busy summer weekends.

Pro Tips

  • The trailhead is at Spring Canyon off one-way Garden Drive on the west side of Garden of the Gods. Reach the trailhead from either the main Garden of the Gods zone by following Garden Drive southwest toward Balanced Rock or by going right on one-way Garden Lane from Garden of the Gods Trading Post to Garden Road. A 17-site parking lot is at the trailhead.
  • Trailheads are at both the north and south sides of the parking lot. Siamese Twins Trail can be hiked in either direction. This description goes clockwise. Go north on the Cabin Creek/Siamese Twins trails for a couple hundred feet to a junction. Keep right and follow the trail uphill to the west side of Siamese Twins at 0.4 miles. The best views are on the east side of the formation. Hike south from the Twins down a ridgeline to return to the parking lot. The trail jogs right and descends to your vehicle for a 0.8-mile hike.
  • The rose-colored Siamese Twins offer a dramatic view of Pikes Peak framed through the small window between the Twins. The best light is in the hour after sunrise when the angled sunlight reddens the sandstone. Stand back from the arch to photograph the peak through the window or position the mountain above the arch. Another great image is to shoot your kids sitting in the window.
  • It’s easy to combine the trail with others, including Palmer Trail, Cabin Canyon Trail, and Balanced Rock Trail, for a longer scenic hike. A good loop hike begins at the west side of the Garden zone and follows the Palmer Trail for 0.8 miles to the Siamese Twins. Return by crossing Garden Drive and hiking back 0.85 miles on Scotsman Trail for a 1.65-mile round-trip hike.
  • Recommended season(s): Year-round.

    –Stewart M. Green


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