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This is one of the most popular trails in the Colorado Springs park system, and for good reason. Located in North Cheyenne Cañon Park, it runs up a pretty canyon, crossing Cheynne Creek – you guessed it – seven times as it climbs high above the park and into Pike National Forest. The trail starts at the gate on now-closed Gold Camp Road. Follow this wide avenue for less than a mile and turn right onto Trail No. 622 at a bend in the trail. From the bend, it’s 1.8 miles to the last bridge. You can soak your feet and return the way you came. Longer hikes are possible here, though in the summer of 2016 the U.S. Forest Service had this trail closed above the last bridge, and the future of public access to Jones Park higher in the drainage was still in doubt, as officials worked out a plan to protect endangered trout in the Bear Creek basin.

When I was hired by The Colorado Springs Gazette in 2004, it was as the night police reporter. That meant working 2 – 11 and spending many nights at murder scenes or driving around listening to the police scanner. I found solace many mornings by getting up early and hiking the Seven Bridges Trail and farther, deep into the national forest. I could bring a lunch and still be back at my car in time to shower and get to work downtown. That is what makes Colorado Springs’ park system so unique.

Pro Tips

  • This trail is in a steep, shaded canyon and is icy for much of the winter. Boot traction is advised.
  • A great loop can be done by turning right on Trail No. 668 at the top of the Seven Bridges Trail and crossing through the aspen-lined meadow of Jones Park. Continue down Trail No. 666 for two miles and cross the creek at the junction with Cap’n Jacks Trail. Follow this to a junction with the Mt. Buckhorn Trail and return downhill to Gold Camp Road. These upper portions were closed in the summer of 2016, so check with Pike National Forest for access information.
  • If you’re just visiting Colorado Springs and you do this hike, add on an extra 1.5 miles and stop at Helen Hunt Falls. It’s so pretty you’ll forget Colorado’s second-largest city is just a few miles downhill.
  • Recommended season(s): Spring to fall.

    –R. Scott Rappold


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