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This small but pretty waterfall is nestled beneath the bare ridges that make up the west side of Pikes Peak. The trail begins at a closed and gated tunnel along Colorado Highway 67 between Divide and Cripple Creek. The hike begins steeply but evens out as Horsethief Park, a pretty mountain meadow, opens up to the left. A trail running north through that meadow is part of the Ring-the-Peak trail system. Another to the right goes to Pancake Rocks. To get to the falls, continue another half-mile past the trail junction.

Pro Tips

  • This is a pretty short hike for what may be a long drive for Colorado Springs residents, so you can lengthen it by taking the 2-mile trail to Pancake Rocks.
  • For an even greater adventure, head north through Horsethief Park and follow a cairned path up through the tundra to one of Pikes Peak ridges, which offers long views of the peak and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Continue on to Sentinel Point, a heap of boulders to the south affording even greater views.
  • The waterfall flows best in spring, but the aspens along Colorado Highway 67 make this a great late-September hike.
  • Recommended season(s): Spring to fall.

    –R. Scott Rappold


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