Yes, climbing a huge mountain is a blast, but sometimes, that’s simply not the type of trail you’re looking for. This list details the perfect gear for a casual hike followed by a classic Colorado brewery. These items are function, but they’re also fashionable.

1. The Pearl iZumi BikeStyle Collection

Feeding a kangaroo in the versa quilted hoodie.
Feeding a kangaroo in the versa quilted hoodie by Pearl iZumi.

The Pearl iZumi BikeStyle collection isn’t a specific item, but an entire line-up of clothing that’s designed to look like normal clothes while functioning like technical gear. From khaki pants, to button-up shirts, to sleek jackets, you’ll find that this collection fits a wide range of uses in outdoor recreation, from hiking to biking to long days of travel in-between. I love this collection so much, that I’ve actually written about it on an in-depth level before. Read that here.

2. The Cannae Sarcina Backpack

Cannae Sarcina backpack
The Cannae Sarcina backpack.

Rugged, trendy, and functional, the Cannae Sarcina backpack is the perfect companion for a hike followed by the post-hike coffee-shop work session. It’s got a padded pocket designed to protect a laptop while you’re on the trail and plenty of space to pack layers, chargers, and more. Convenient side pockets also let you access things in the lower portion of the bag without having to dig.

3. The LEMS Boulder Boot

LEMS Boots
The LEMS Boulder Boot. Photo Credit: Spencer McKee.

While you probably won’t be summiting a fourteener in these kicks, the LEMS Boulder Boots are some of my favorite when it comes to a quick fall hike. Not only are they super lightweight and flexible, with plenty of grip, they also look great and come in both male and female fits (we’ve only tested the male version, but these options seem similar in design and functionality). They’re also zero-drop shoes, which mean the forefoot and heel fall flat to the ground, something that helps correct posture.

4. The Mountain Khakis Fourteener Jacket

Mountain Khakis
The Mountain Khakis “Fourteeners” jacket keeping me warm on top of Missouri Mountain.

If you’re looking for comfortable, fashionable and extremely function, this jacket is it. While the Mountain Khakis Fourteener Jacket may look like it’s ready for a cozy night around the campfire, it’s extremely warm material coupled with an inner-layer meant to stop wind makes this great for a variety of outdoor recreation scenarios. I love bringing it with me during a late-summer fourteener climb when I know I’ll be hitting cooler temps above tree line. It might not be the most technical option around, but its comfort is hard to beat.

5. The Casio Pro Trek PRW3000-1A

Casio Pro Trek
The Casio Pro Trek PRW3000-1A doing its thing on a climb to the 14,000 foot summits of Oxford and Belford.

As a watch guy, I love the Casio Pro Trek series. They’re functional and they look good, passable in an outdoor recreation scenario or at my semi-casual workplace. This specific model boasts functions like an altimeter, a barometer, and a compass, along with the expected features of a high-tech digital watch. Another great application that I found for this time piece was in international travel. It’s display let’s you split between two time zones, in my case, Delhi and the United States. Constant awareness of the time difference made it easy for me to adjust to jet lag and stay in-touch with the happenings at the OutThere Colorado offices while I was away.

*** With regards to gear-related pieces, OutThere Colorado staff may receive product for testing purposes at no cost. Per our editorial ethics policy, receiving product in no way guarantees coverage, positive or negative. All selections made on gear lists are made by the author solely based on their experience with the gear. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these packs, you’ll find links in the articles. OutThere Colorado does not receive any sort of commission on sales made coming from this page.


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