A big perk of living in Colorado Springs is how close to nature the city is. One natural hotspot that has been growing in popularity as of late is Red Rock Canyon Open Space. While it’s technically a city-park, it spans nearly 800 acres, making this a great place to escape city life. As a continuation of the same type of sandstone also found in Garden of the Gods, the beautiful landscape here is definitely worth checking out. Believe it or not, this park wasn’t always a park but was acquired by Colorado Springs as a recreational site as recently as 2003.

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Red Rock Canyon Open Space
Red Rock Canyon Open Space

The park features a series of “hogbacks,” the term for the rocky ridge-lines you’ll see during a visit, as well as tons of red rocks popping up out of the ground.

Unlike many other natural spaces, the land here hasn’t always been protected. On a stroll around this open space, you’ll see reclaimed land. These spots used to be occupied by things like quarries, mills, and even a large landfill.

In the last decade, the park has attracted groups of technical rock climbers thanks to the many rock walls found around the park.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space is also very popular amongst mountain bikers, with downhill trails like Greenlee providing a rocky, but fast descent.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space is also home to an off-leash dog area, so feel free to bring Fido along!

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